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5232 Aurelius Rd.

Lansing, Mi 48911

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142 Main St.

Leetonia, OH 44431

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Lansing Forge Inc. - Railroad Tools
We're the leading supplier of non- percussion track tools to railroads across North America with over 290 items in our offering.
Lansing Forge Inc. - Industrial Tools
We're known throughout North America as producers of high quality tools for hot material handling.
Lansing Forge Inc. - Marine Tools
We produce a quility line of Scrappers and Marline Spikes for Marine Use.
Lansing Forge Inc. - Mlitary Tools
We produce crow bars and lug wrenches for our troops over seas who require high quality & performances tools.

“Leveraging Human Ability Since 1956

Founded in 1956 as a small blacksmith shop, Lansing Forge Inc. is a family run business that has become a nation wide supplier of top quality forged hand tools. In the mold of our blacksmith beginnings Lansing Forge is known throughout the industry as a producer of the finest forging tongs on the market.


As the time has passed LFI has grown and so has the depth and breadth of our product line.  As a supplier to the railroad industry LFI manufactures a vast array of Maintenance-of-Way track tools.  We also offer a wide selection of pry, wrecking and pinch bars to meet many industrial, construction and individual needs. 


In addition to the tongs and tools we also produce short run commercial forgings up to 10 pounds such as rocker heads, conveyor chain components and slugs to name a few.  Other services LFI is capable of providing include fabricating, machining and precision grinding.  Please visit our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or services.



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    428  Heavy Blade Scraper  $14.00 each


    As of July 18, 2011 Lansing Forge, Inc. has acquired the Leetonia Tool Co.